Users Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anyone who is interested to elevate his/her financial literacy can register as a user by browsing this link https://legacy.ulearnmoney.com/registration/.

You will be awarded a digital certificate upon successfully completing all the Financial Literacy courses of uLearnMONEY.

You are advised to enroll in all Financial Literacy Courses. There are three main courses that are currently available with myriad topics as stated below:

Financial Literacy for Young Millennials: Fundamental Level 1

Topic 1: Scenario & Introduction

Topic 2: My Dream & My Goal

Topic 3 Setting Goal

Topic 4: Financial Freedom As Your Goal in Life

Topic 5: Financial Planning

Topic 6: Money Attitude & Habit

Financial Literacy for Young Millennials: Fundamental Level 2

Topic 7: Cash Flow Management

Topic 8: Saving Habit

Topic 9 Learn Budgeting

Topic 10: Loans & Debts/ PTPTN

Topic 11: Life Hacks On Saving

Financial Literacy for Young Millennials: Fundamental Level 3

Topic 12: Mindset Changes

Topic 13: Scam & Money Games

Topic 14: Startup & Entrepreneurship

Topic 15: Income Creation

Topic 16: Buying House & Car

Topic 17: Insurance

Topic 18: Credit Card

Topic 19: Fintech

All the questions will be based on the provided e-learning videos and the questions are generally intended to examine the understanding of the learners after watching the videos.

Do follow this easy step-by-step sign-up instruction to enroll in each online Financial Literacy course.



1.  Go to Sign up >  fill up your details > Click Sign Up



1. Go to Available Courses > Select the Course Level > Add into cart & proceed to checkout.

2. Do apply the promo coupon code [ newyearpromo-ulm ] to get 60% OFF for all courses available!  This promo coupon code is valid until 31st January 2020.

3. Fill up the subscription details.

4. Click Enroll Now to proceed your payment via SenangPay gateway and to enroll in the selected course.



1.  Please ensure that you have registered as the learner/user of uLearnMONEY and you have enrolled in your selected course.

2. Go to Available Courses and click Start Course.

3. You can now start your e-learning with uLearnMONEY!  Happy Learning! =)

For any inquiries and further guidance, do not hesitate to reach us by sending an email to [email protected] We will respond and get back to you as soon as possible.

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